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 Google Talk

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PostSubject: Google Talk   Thu Jul 07 2011, 07:15

I decided to post this here. It just wouldn't fit to offtopic.

I recommend downloading Google Talk. That way you can easily chat with me while I'm working. I can use the chat directly from my address.

Firstly go to: and install the Google Talk system. That way you can chat with me even though I am working. The chat also works trough the browser (from your gmail account). But I recommend downloading the program.

My Talk account: XmetallesX (

Sorry for writing my email like that, it is to avoid bots collecting my emails.

So, step by step it should work like this.

1. Download Google Talk or use Gmail account on browser
2. Create a account if you don't own a gmail already
3. Add me on GT. Account name: XmetallesX
4. Feel free to contact me regardless where I am

And Google Talk also works on my android, so I don't even need a computer to chat.

This was all, thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: Google Talk   Thu Jul 07 2011, 07:37

Damm i cant do that in a week ;'/
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Google Talk
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