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 Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)

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PostSubject: Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)   Mon Jul 25 2011, 06:28

Miss Fortune

I wrote this guide myself. I first used a build from Mobafire, but that sucked. This is a combination of many builds and it is epic.

It took about a week to learn how to play with this champion. Of course you can play with it normally and it is quite easy, but to pwn with it you need to have the correct build and use your skills in the right order.

First of all, I don't talk about the masteries here. Just choose what you think are the best masteries to use. I won't include runes, because I don't own any.

What I have achieved:

- Killed Renekton in 4 shots, 1 Double Up and 3 basic attacks (600 with Double Up and 3 criticals using Impure shots)

- Killed Anivia with 3 Shots using only basic attack (It had about 1,4k hp left)

- Double Kill from full HP using only basic attack and Impure Shots

- Killing a feeded LeBlanc (She had 25-3 stats) from full hp under 5 seconds alone. (I wasn't feeded)

- Killed an enemy while afking

- Killsteal from Hyto only by only doing 50 damage with Fortune's slowing ability (sorry, accident)


Building up skills

First things first, you must master the first skill you have (Q) Double Up. So, try to aim for level (5) Double Up first having the other skills at (1) Level up your ultimate every chance you get, thats obvious.

The second skill you want to focus on is (W) Impure Shots. That is the main ability that makes Miss Fortune such a bad ass. Master it to level (5) second. After mastering this, you are ready to kick some ass.

Finally it is time to master (E) Make it rain. It is a slowing ability and I don't recommend using it for harassing or damage. It is a slowing ability.

Her ultimate, Bullet Time (R) should be improved every chance you get. Use it only in team fights where there are many opponets in the range of the shot


What to buy?

Doran's Blade (Sell this later on)
Berserker's Greaves (Movement and Attack speed)
Phantom Dancer (Attack speed)
Vampiric Sceptre (Life Steal)
Infinity Edge (Stat improvements and Damage)
The Bloodthirster (Damage)
Frozen Mallet (Damage and slowing)
Youmuu's Ghostblade (I don't remember what this does)


Tips and Tricks

- Beginning of a Game -

Fortune's passive is Strut which improves her movement speed greatly. Strut will be lost if Fortune gets damaged. You will regain Strut when unharmed for 7 seconds.

Run back and foward and harass your enemy. ALWAYS land a basic attack first! Using Strut for harassing is the main advantage on Miss Fortune. Do not use Impure Shots for harassing

Use Double Up to harass other players. It will fly trough the first target and land on the opponent behind the target and damaging both (useful for harassing people behind minions)

- Midgame -

Miss Fortune isn't good at mid game, be very careful. Build up cash by farming minions. Aim for Infinity Edge (see the item build above) After you reach Inf. Edge you should be able to 1v1 anyone if you didn't feed them.

- Endgame -

After you bought the Bloodthister you are ready for some epic damage output and soloing. Here are some combat tips.

1v1 Fight - Activate Impure Shots and shoot the target with Double Up. After that slow him down with Make it rain and just autoattack for the rest fight. Impure Shots will do critical damage after the fourth shot. When you reach the fourth shot your target goes down in less than a second. DO NOT CHANGE TARGET AFTER IMPURE SHOTS IS ACTIVATED, it will remove the critical counter and you lose 70% of your damage.

Teamfights - This is where you should use your ultimate. Aim it so, that you get as many enemies as possible to the range of the ultimate. DO NOT USE YOUR ULTIMATE IN 1v1. After the Ultimate focus on slowing the enemies by Make it rain and shoot your Double Up. When it is time to chase someone, activate Impure Shots and watch your enemy suffer.


After full build:

55% of hits are criticals
Critical hit = 600
Hits per second = 2,5
Damage per second = About 1000
Impure shots speed boost = 30%
Impure Shots crit boost = 100%
Double Up = 500 dmg

Damage using skills
Hits per second = 3,25
Critical hit = 600
Critical Chance = 100%
Double Up = 600 dmg
Damage per second = 2550 (Theoretically possible)
Damage per second on tanks = About 1300 (without misses and failures)
Damage per second on squishy players = About 1700 (without misses and failures)

It takes time to learn how this Champion works. I sucked balls for a week, now I am decent, in a week I am a monster with this.


Please comment what you think about my build. I appreciate any suggestions and other stuff to improve my game with Fortune.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)   Mon Jul 25 2011, 10:58

Also nice. ^^
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Effects +30 Attack Damage
+15% Critical Strike
Passive UNIQUE: 15% Cooldown Reduction and +20 Armor Penetration.
Active UNIQUE: Gives 20% movement speed and +50% attack speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemies with melee attacks increases the duration by 2 seconds to a maximum of 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.
Item cost 2687g (600g)
Sell value 1880g
Bloodthirster also gives lifesteal.

"Every failure that you experience cannot be called a failure anymore if the solution is just more fucking dynamite" ?
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PostSubject: Re: Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)   Thu Jul 28 2011, 08:51

Well, the bloodthirsters lifesteal comes from the Vampiric Sceptre so I didn't mention it.

And btw, new achivement unlocked! Master Yi from full health with ONLY 3 basic attacks (3 Criticals hitting about 700 each, but that was pure luck)

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)   

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Miss Fortune - The damage goddess (SuomiPony)
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