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 Champion for Arttzie

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PostSubject: Champion for Arttzie   Tue Jul 26 2011, 08:35

So, as you all LoL players have noticed (those who have played with Arttzie) he needs a good Champion to play with. His Sion fails too much

Couple of reguirements:

- Easy to play
- Decent damage, but not DMG carry (More like a support damage)
- LOT'S of durability and health so he won't die instantly from ganks
- Simple skills that are simple to use. Main reason for simplicity is that he can always know what he is doing (not just faceroll around)
- We also need to give him a decend build for the specific champion

My solution:

Garen with half-dmg/half-tank build (DMG and Health/armor items)

Any suggestions?

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Champion for Arttzie
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